You can download PDF copies of the Operating Instructions and Manuals for most of our products here.  Click on the relevant Product Code or Description below:


Fermenting Trays - Models TE1, TE2, TE4 & TE25

TE75 Immersion Heater 

EB1 Mashing Bin 

EB1D Mashing Bin

Medical Products

Mediheat Fluid Warming Cabinet
 (MH1200 & 1800) - Operating Instructions. Digital Version (with Black Module/Red LED Display)

Mediheat Fluid Warming Cabinet (MH1200 & 1800) - Operating Instructions. Anolgue Version (with battery powered White LCD Temperature Display).  Includes battery changing instructions.

MH900 Portable IV Fluid Warmer  - Operating Instructions

MH900 Technical Specification Sheet

MH1200 Technical Specification Sheet

MH1800 Technical Specification Sheet

Veterinary Products




V1200 Digital Version (Post July 2014)