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Spare Element (Mashing Bin) - EB5

240v 2.4kw Element with Steel locking Nut and silicon washer.  Replacement for the elements fitted to all Peco Electrim Mashing Bins and Boilers of any age or model (EB1/EB1B/EB1D) plus the Ritchie 'BruHeat'.

Please note that earlier models may have a different IEC 'kettle' connector fitted which will need updating to the latest version.  An example of the new type is shown above, which includes the cutout highlighted.  Should yours need changing, a re-wireable connector is available, please see 'IEC Connector' below.

M40 thread.  Requires 40mm hole for fitting.

Some earlier model Mashing Bins were fitted with an imperial thread element which is slightly smaller than 40mm.  The hole can be enlarged using sandpaper or a fine file with care to allow the fitting of the new element.

If your Mashing Bin has a 3kw element these are no longer available so you will need to fit this 2.4kw one. The pin/plug arrangement differs so you will also need to fit a new plug onto the control box lead.  Please see 'IEC Connector' below.


Our Price: £15.83

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