About Us

Started in 1972 Thorne Electrim, as it was then called, initially manufactured only one product, a Yoghurt Maker.  This was based on a simple heated mat formed from a sandwich of firbeglass felt, laminate and electrical insulation encapsulating a heating element.

The range of products gradually expanded, based on this heated mat being turned to other uses, until the mid 1990's when thermoformed plastics were used to allow a more versatile product with internal controls to be produced.

In 2001, the company was renamed Peco Services Ltd, by which time products were being manufactured for Medical, Veterinary, Agricultural, Industrial and domestic applications.

We are now able to produce bespoke heating solutions to many and varied requirements, and have a number of heating methods and controls 'off the shelf'.  These include carbon impregnated glass fibre, filamic, mica, and ceramic elements, and bimetallic and electronic thermostats and controllers.

Please call, email, or use the feedback page, with your heating problem for an expert solution.