Digital Mashing/Boiling Bin - EB1D

Product code: EB1D

Product information

An electronic version of the Electrim Mashing Bin.  32 litre capacity.

The control unit has a digital display where the desired temperature can be set within the range 0-100 deg C.  The liquid then warms to, and is maintained at this set temperature, whilst the display shows the current sensor temperature.

Accuracies of +/- 1 degree C at 60 deg C can be achieved.

Suitable for Mashing, Sparging and Boiling

The use of a Mashing & Sparging Bag is highly recommended to prevent grains from sticking to the element.  There are many on the market, and we do not specifically recommend a particular brand, but the link below shows a suitable example:

Technical specifications

Product Code EB1D
Weight 2.5kg