Mashing/Boiling Bin - EB1

Product code: EB1

Product information

Beermakers Mashing/Boiling Bin.  Used when making 'Real' beer for mashing, sparging and boiling.  The bin is 32 litre capacity and is fitted with a 2.4Kw element in the base, controlled via a sensitive adjustable thermostat.  The temperature range is approximately 80 deg F to over 212 deg F, allowing precise mashing and sparging temperatures to be maintained as well as a rolling boil.  A tap is fitted to ease the emptying and sparging processes.

The use of a Mashing & Sparging Bag is highly recommended to prevent grains from sticking to the element.  There are many on the market, and we do not specifically recommend a particular brand, but the link below shows a suitable example:

Technical specifications

Product Code EB1
Weight 2.5kg