Product information

This heat pad is a specially modified version of our home brew tray designed to aid in the fermentation of GAPS and SCD yoghurt. It includes an aluminium plate bonded to the surface of the casing for better heat transfer to your fermenting vessel, and an electronic adjustable thermostat.  This allows you to set the temperature of the yoghurt to your exact requirements.

The thermostat has a range of approximately 20-60 deg C on the plate surface, although the exact temperature of your yoghurt will depend on the ambient conditions and the type and size of vessel used.

Lots of different types of container can be used, including ceramic bowls, glass dishes and stainless steel pans.

Dimensions:  Approximately 305 x 305 x 25mm

Please note: Although these trays may show as being 'In Stock', we usually manufacture to order, so there may be a slight delay in delivery of 2-3 days.

Technical specifications

Weight 1kg